#CPTBucketList on #TravelChatSA

I have the privilege of co-hosting #TravelChatSA every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm on the Twittersphere where 4 questions are posted every 15 minutes with a bonus question. I was lucky enough to have #CPTBucketList as the topic, enthusiasts all over South Africa took part in the conversation with fantastic suggestions with what they would like to tick off their #CPTBucketList.



As the 20th of June made its annual appearance, so did the Winter Solstice. The longest night of 2014 is an evening that the people living on the streets of Cape Town dread – without food, warmth and shelter this night feels even longer.

Cape Town has provided me with 22 years of happiness, so I have decided that now it’s my time to give back to the Mother City.  On this wintery Friday I had the privilege of providing Chicken Breyani, coffee and blankets to 1500 homeless people, to help prepare them for the long night ahead.

Volunteers gathered on the Grand Parade and gave their time and energy to bring smiles to the homeless community who were very grateful. I spent time with many of them; their positive outlook on life, despite having so little, is inspiring. After everyone ate, the volunteers and the less fortunate broke out into dance, in celebration of an incredible evening. Giving back to the community for a mere 2 hours on a Friday, was the most rewarding experience; I am looking forward to being a part of this cause for many years to come.


Matt O’ Sullivan, a friend of mine, enjoyed the experience just as much as I did and posted the most amazing status on Facebook: “Spent the evening feeding Cape Town’s hungry, cold and homeless. What an incredible energy transfer. Nothing like the smiles, happiness and pure warmth I felt while offering my energy. Left smiling ear to ear. Going to be doing a lot more of this. All it takes is the right mind-set and willingness to help during the tough times. Still a lot more to be done out there. “If everyone helps their neighbour, who will need help?” – I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Thank you to the volunteers, as well as, the organisers from Pick ‘n Pay and Mustadafin Foundation for providing their time, food and blankets. A special mention must be given to Lead SA, for giving Capetonians the opportunity to get involved with such a great cause.

There are so many incredible initiatives in Cape Town, needing willing volunteers. People of Cape Town: I urge you to give back to the Cape Town Community – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Another perfect activity to add to your #CPTBucketList.