#CPTBucketList on #TravelChatSA

I have the privilege of co-hosting #TravelChatSA every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm on the Twittersphere where 4 questions are posted every 15 minutes with a bonus question. I was lucky enough to have #CPTBucketList as the topic, enthusiasts all over South Africa took part in the conversation with fantastic suggestions with what they would like to tick off their #CPTBucketList.

I was absolutely blown away by the #CPTBucketList suggestions from those living in the Mother City and friends beyond our borders.  These incredible recommendations were made from my fellow co-host’s, as well as others, who eagerly took part in the #TravelChatSA conversation.

The following answers impressed me and are currently on my #CPTBucketList – some of which are waiting to be ticked off.

Q1: If you only had 24 hours in CPT, what would be on your list of must-sees?

via @RoxanneReidSA #TravelChatSA 

Q2: What’s on your foodie #CPTBucketList  – either posh or homey?

via @RoxanneReidSA 

Q3: Where is a great venue to watch a live band in Cape Town?

via @DoroLef

Q4: What things should be on the #CPTBucketList for kids?

via @ #TravelChatSA

Bonus Q5: Share your favorite pictures of CPT – let’s show the world our beautiful city

Thank you to hosts: @TravelChatSA and @TravelOpulent for the incredible opportunity as well as fellow co-hosts: @patrycjaOo, @WiseWally, @DoroLef, @GirlRoaming, @diBrown5, @UrbanWalkerCT and @RoxanneReidSA #CPTBucketList has received so much positive feedback from so many people, locally and abroad.

Tweet and Instagram using the hashtag #CPTBucketList so your suggestions can be seen. Follow the hashtag for adventures waiting to be experienced in the Mother City.

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