#Moonlightmass has made riding bikes in Cape Town cool since 2012. Starting out as a social experiment, creators Daniel Graham and Elad Kirshenbaum had no idea that their initial tweet proposing the idea, would lead to up to a thousand Capetonians gathering at the Green Point Circle every full moon, for a night bike ride through the streets of the Mother City.

This green initiative aims at making Capetonians aware of particularly high carbon-emissions and to urge city-goers to use alternate modes of environmentally-friendly transportation, when commuting in and around the CBD.

Every full moon, the people of Cape Town create a buzz of excitement by winding their way through the streets on their bicycles. Many #moonlightmass goers decorate their bikes and dress up for the occasion, adding to the overall vibe. All participants leave shortly after 9pm from the Green Point Circle for their leisurely ride.

Moonlight Mass

From there, it’s a cycle down Dock road, along the harbour and around our impressive Cape Town Stadium. The outing is made safer by seventeen smiling traffic officers, who ensure that all cars stay clear of cyclists. The moon-lit ride continues along Mouille Point Promenade, where the locals cheer and wave at you from their balconies. You then make your way up Three Anchor Bay Road and turn left onto the Fan Mile Cycle Lane.


My favourite part of #moonlightmass is where the enthusiastic riders regroup at the bottom of Long Street. Cars stopped, hooted and the people from bars spilled out on to the road raising their glasses to the body of cyclists riding past.

People from all walks of life are welcomed; the comradery amongst the Cape Town community is remarkable. Such a simple concept of getting together to explore the streets of Cape Town under the moonlight is so worth being a part of.

I urge you to get involved. Tonight is full moon, which means masses of Capetonians are going to be taking part. All that is required, as stated on the website is: “anything with a wheel and uses your own energy to move forward”. A great attitude and a helmet are essential for this evening’s Moonlight Meander. Get social: Use the hashtag #moonlightmass and #CPTBucketList.

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