Mandela Day is internationally recognised and is celebrated every 18 July, our former late president’s birthday.  People are encouraged to devote 67 minutes of their time to help others and/or support their local community. The symbolism of the 67 minutes is one minute for every year our Tata Madiba spent fighting for the rights of humanity.

Last year a friend and I undertook to make a difference in the lives of others and to inspire fellow South African to do so as well. The day started with the Greenpop team at Siyabulela Primary School in Langa. Greenpop is a social business that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun. They put together an awesome programme, which taught the students the importance of planting trees. The first tree was planted with great enthusiasm by many volunteers. Thereafter the students were each allocated a Wild Olive or a Cherry Blossom tree to plant and look after.


Our 67 minutes adventure continued to Klipfontein Road where we took part in the “Human Chain”.  It was a Proudly South African moment, where Capetonians joined together by holding hands, this link stretched from the Rondebosch Common through to Gugulethu.  South African flags were handed out and we all sang the National Anthem with pride.

MandelaDay 2

We then took to the streets of Cape Town asking the city-goers, with the assistance of a megaphone, whether they had done their 67 minute contribution. On the rear window of the car we were traveling in was a poster “Have you done your 67 minutes?” Being a fairly new initiative, many people in traffic were confused, so we briefly explained the concept of Mandela Day before the traffic lights turned green.


On the way home from town we saw a lady walking in the rain.  She was on crutches and didn’t have an umbrella, so we gave her a lift to Mowbray Station, a simple deed, which took no more than ten minutes. Her gratitude confirmed the saying, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

On Mandela Day, South Africans unite with a common goal – to make their country a better place. I feel privileged to be a part of this and to be able to honour our late Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

I have put together a suggestion list to inspire you to get involved with #MandelaDay this Friday. Another perfect activity for your #CPTBucketList which would help make South Africa an even better nation.

67 Suggestions for #MandelaDay

  1. Inspire people to do their 67 minutes
  2. Donate educational materials to Breadline Africa at the V&A Waterfront.
  3. Help the penguins at SANCCOB
  4. Beach Clean-Up on Cape Town Beaches
  5. Volunteer your time for the Operation Smile awareness campaign at local malls
  6. Drop off books for Prestwich Primary School at the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village
  7. Volunteer at Oranjezicht City Farm 
  8. Pick up 67 pieces of litter in your neighbourhood
  9. Read to students at the Athlone School for the Blind
  10. Offer your services at your local municipality
  11. Spend time at the Animal Rescue Organisation
  12. Plant a vegetable garden
  13. Buy milk formula for homeless moms with babies
  14. Educate pregnant ladies about FASD, visit Home of Hope for more details
  15. Spend time with the elderly at your local old age home
  16. Help our friends of the Valkenberg Trust by donating unwanted goods
  17. Set up and run the social media for a charity
  18. Help someone get a job, offer assistance in creating their CV
  19. Host a meal packaging event through Stop Hunger Now
  20. Make a “care-kit” for patients at local government hospitals
  21. Help out at the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG)
  22. Organise a tea party for caregivers
  23. Volunteer at the Living Hope Hospice in Hout Bay
  24. Join the Mandela Day Community and receive Newsletter
  25. Donate sanitary towels to Dignity Dreams
  26. Paint a wall in your local community that has graffiti on
  27. Donate R67 to Food Bank South Africa
  28. Donate clothes, shoes and blankets to a homeless person
  29. Put together a food parcel to feed a hungry tummy
  30. Buy a Big Issue or make a donation to our Funny Money friends
  31. Do grocery shopping for an elderly person
  32. Paint kennels with The DogBox Project
  33. Offer your skills to help an organisation run more efficiently
  34. Help #ExposeRapeCulture with the Rape Crisis Centre
  35. Take your neighbour’s dog for a walk
  36. Educate and raise awareness about HIV/Aids
  37. Sign up for a MyPlanet card with TEARS 
  38. Donate sporting equipment to a childrens shelter
  39. Take a pack of seeds to a rural school and help the children plant them
  40. Donate your Pick ‘n Pay smart shopper points to the Smile Foundation
  41. Collect recycling in your area and deliver it to recycling centre
  42. Sponsor a guide dog by paying for the puppy training.
  43. Offer to attend a high school class to talk to students about your career
  44.  Learn First Aid
  45. Donate food to different organisations with LeadSA
  46. Join the “knit-a-thon” at the Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel and Spa
  47. Become an Organ Donor through The Organ Donor Found Donation
  48. Make a “care-kit” for patients at local government hospitals
  49. Help Habitat for Humanity build 67 houses in one week.
  50. Join the knit-a-thon at Noordhoek Farm Village.
  51. Play with children at an orphanage
  52. Donate to the Annual Big Sock Story
  53. Use your bicycle or walk instead of driving
  54. Surprise a family member with breakfast in bed
  55. Donate Books to Bookery
  56. Mentor a child with studies
  57. Donate Blood at Western Cape Blood Trasnfution Clinic
  58. Use social media to raise awareness local charities
  59. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  60. Drop into the Douglas Murray Home
  61. Donate an inspirational book to a local school
  62. Help LeadSA with Food Gardens
  63. Plant a tree in your neighbourhood
  64. Paint the equipment in your local park
  65. Sign up for MySchool and donate to your favourite organisations
  66. Teach a fellow South African the National Anthem
  67. Make everyday a Mandela Day

Take action. Inspire change. Make every day a .

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  1. Reblogged this on The Stiletto Mum and commented:
    What are you doing for your #67minutes on Mandela Day? Are you getting involved or do you not see the point? This day is happening tomorrow and to be honest I really wanted to do something with my girls to show them how to care, but I have been unable to decide on something.

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