Our Mother City is known for her beautiful, yet temperamental weather.  Capetonians are more accustomed to the heat rather than the cold; however over the last few years Cape Town has experienced snow.  The iconic Table Mountain was covered by a powdery, white blanket of snow. Many braved the cold and made their way to the top, to experience these unusual  icy conditions.

Certain areas in the Western Cape experience snowfall from June to early August.   Ceres, Tulbagh and Worcester offer a winter wonderland for all to explore in the winter months. Last August,  a friend and I went on a spontaneous snow-hunting, adventure-seeking journey. Warmly dressed and excited for our excursion, we made for Ceres (135 km from Cape Town) which is known for its white-coated mountains and orchards laden in snow.

On route the snow began to fall, beckoning us on. The road, trees and sheep, in fact everything had been stripped of all colour. We stopped alongside the road, after getting out the warm car we were immediately stunned by our surroundings.

#SnowHunt in Ceres

The snowflakes sparkled on their slow journey down and gently landed all around us. All that could be heard was the crunching of the snow beneath our gumboots as we ambled through.  We played in the virgin snow amongst the orchards, even having a clichéd snowball fight, just for the fun of it.

Photo taken by Leigh Newlands

Photo taken by Leigh Newlands

Inhaling the clean, crisp air whilst gazing on the surrounding snow-capped mountains can quite easily take your breath away. There are no words to describe the peacefulness and the magical feeling that the snow transmits.


Before the snow melts, I strongly urge you to add this to your #CPTBucketList and take a short road trip and experience it for yourself. Dress warm and make sure to travel safe. Follow @SnowReportSA for updates.

Photo credit: Leigh Newlands

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